There’s no doubt that content creation for SEO will continue to be a big focus in 2020. With Google’s ever-changing algorithm it’s more important than ever to make sure the content you create reaches your audience. Over 2019 we’ve seen some new developments including a big focus on mobile-first indexing as well as more long-form content creation. As nerdy SEO experts; we’re always keeping up to date with fresh industry trends, so we’ve pulled together 5 tips for creating the best SEO content in 2020. Buckle up and read on to see what we’ve come up with!

  1. Master Search Intent
  2. Create Richer Content
  3. Think Mobile-First
  4. Format Content For Snippets
  5. Focus On Backlinks

Master search intent

If you’re already familiar with SEO then you’ll know that understanding which keywords your audience searches for is pretty important for getting your content seen. However, keywords alone just aren’t enough to rank well. Google is smarter than ever and getting better at showing people the exact answers they want; so even if your content is awesome; if it doesn’t match someone’s search intent it simply won’t be shown. That’s why if you want to be crowned no1 in your field of expertise you should get to grips with understandinguser search intent.

  • What exactly is user search intent? Behind every keyword is a user search intent. For example, the intent might be to look up information, e.g. directions to a gig or purchase something like a new sofa.
  • Sometimes the intent will be in the keyword and other times it won’t be.
  • For example - the cool people that are searching for ”SEO” might be looking for an explanation or even a guide on what it is. To get an idea of your user’s search intent you can just review SERPs on Google for your keyword.

Once you’ve found your user intent, you’ll be ready to dive into content ideation. Essentially, the best content to create will be something that provides an exact match to that intent; whether that’s providing hard facts, creating a friendly in-depth “guide” or anything that is fun and valuable to your use.

Create richer content

We are bombarded daily with online content, so in order to stand out in your industry, you need to make sure your content is top-notch and, has something a little extra to stand out from your competitors. Get your creative juices flowing and make content that really educates and provides knowledge but is still fun and entertaining. Here are some ways you can fluff up your content and make it more appealing:

  • Create concept visuals - in other words, create fancy infographics and any visuals that will brighten up your written content. In a recent survey, 80 percent of businesses reported that they will rely on visual content heavily as part of their content marketing strategy over the next two years, and that’s no surprise. We’re visual creatures so make sure your wonderful creations are colourful, informative but also super relevant
  • Publish research content - in a world of overwhelming saturated content, people are looking for real facts. By reporting on current developments in your industry you’re providing rich content for your audience and it automatically makes you an expert in your field - and Google will eat this up!
  • Create long-form content - short, boring, keyword filled content is being hit hard by Google; so consider writing a quirky guide or e-book that really serves a purpose.

Whatever your product or service; you should be an expert in your field; think of yourself as a teacher and a reliable source that your customers can come to for information. We’ve heard it before, but “quality is better than quantity” and when you invest in creating great content you’re not only producing something that your readers will love, you’re also raising your authority - which could boost your ranking with Google.

Think mobile-first

In 2019 we saw Google switch to mobile-first indexing; so basically, the mobile version of a page will be used for indexing and ranking the majority of the time. Therefore, if your content looks ugly on mobile or your mobile version doesn’t have as much content you might sabotage your ranking for both mobile and desktop and you don’t want that, so how can you prevent this?

  • Gear up your site so it’s mobile-friendly and loads quickly on a mobile device
  • Keep your content coherent on both desktop and mobile
  • Create magnificent content, but with mobile in mind

Oh and if your site is only on desktop, you should know that your ranking won’t be affected. But if you want to stay ahead of the game consider having a user-friendly version for mobile.

Format content for snippets

As the name suggests, snippets are bites of content that Google pulls at the top of SERPs and they appear as a direct answer to a user’s search intent. Snippets are a hot topic in the world of SEO since there has been a rise in “0- click searches” so the fight for “position 0” is on. Want people to find your content easier? Format your content for catch snippets, how?

  • Do your research and get the low-down on current feature snippets that are relevant to you and provide better answers than your competitors...
  • Structure your content with short, concise answers under your subheadings so Google can easily grab them.

Focus on backlinks

Backlinks are all the rage at the moment! Essentially, they’re when other sites link to your content and backlinks are becoming more and more important for increasing search engine traffic. However, it’s no use if any old site links to your content - you need quality backlinks that are relevant to you and have authority so you can increase your ranking with Google. Without any link building - bad news - you won’t even get on the first page of search results. But how can you get quality backlinks?

  • Write amazing content so people want to link to you
  • Monitor your backlinks - ideally, you want backlinks that have authority and are closely linked to your site.
  • Stay away from chat forums and buying links or you’ll get on Google’s bad side. You want to gain authentic links that are mentioned in the body of content, crack this and Google might thank you.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to get ahead and create some of the best content in 2020. Start small and master search intent and then by using keywords create truly amazing content. Help yourself out and try to keep on top of new developments and updates as SEO is an exciting, ever-changing cycle. Need more advice? Feel free to contact us and see how we can help you improve your marketing efforts and help you on your way to success.