As an Executive Assistant, every day is different. But that keeps it exciting, right? I have been at Ecrubox since February 2022 and throughout this time have taken on a range of projects whilst also diving deeper into the wonderful world of digital marketing. The role is demanding and requires a high level of organisation and communication in order to support our team. So here is a snippet of a day in my life…

Morning Routine:

Regardless of location, I start my day at around 8:30am. At Ecrubox, our office days are Tuesday and Thursday and for the rest of the week, I work from home unless we have special events and client meetings. My first priority is to make a hot cup of coffee. I then review my to do list and prioritise my tasks for the day. This involves checking emails, preparing meeting agendas and contacting clients to schedule appointments.

One of the most important tasks in the morning is to ensure our Co-founder’s schedule for the day is organised and runs smoothly. I will confirm appointments, make any necessary changes and prepare all materials that will be needed for the day.

During the Day:

As the day progresses, I spend most of my time responding to emails, scheduling meetings and managing the team’s calendar. I’ll also spend time updating my to do list and keeping our Co-founder informed of any new developments that require their attention.

I also attend our client meetings, take notes and provide administrative support during the meetings. This may involve preparing and distributing meeting agendas, taking notes and actions and following up on those action items in a timely manner ahead of our next meeting.

In addition to this, I will also be involved in working on various projects or tasks such as preparing reports and presentations, arranging travel, creating blog posts and event planning. We have a lot of exciting events in the works including our team socials, which I take very seriously!

End of the Day:

As the day comes to a close, I spend time reviewing my to-do list and ensure all tasks have been completed. I will also spend time preparing for the following day by organising my workspace, updating the calendar and reviewing any new requests or assignments that have come in.

Finally, I will prepare our Co-founder’s schedule for the following day, ensuring all appointments are confirmed and any necessary changes have been made.

I’ve learnt to be very adaptable as an Executive Assistant. It is also a rewarding job that provides a unique opportunity to work closely with a brilliant team and contribute towards the success of the business.

A day in the life of an Executive Assistant is full of challenges and responsibilities, but it is also an exciting and fulfilling career choice for those who are up to the task.