Ecrubox Digital Commits to giving back to the local community while raising money for the British Heart Foundation.

“A Month of Good Deeds” is a campaign that we have devised as an agency to help give back to our community and raise money for charity. The initiative aims to help those who may feel overwhelmed, or forgotten about during these challenging times. We have created the new month-long campaign to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and give back to our local community during what promises to be a difficult winter for the vulnerable.

Every year, we choose a charity to support their fundraising activities, with last year’s efforts supporting the Down’s Syndrome Association. Throughout November 2019, our team undertook a range of activities to meet a 250km target. Before that, we committed to a mammoth cycle of 111 miles on an indoor bike – the distance from our head office in Pershore to the Down Syndrome Association HQ in Middlesex.

Ecrubox Good Deeds

This year we have raised the stakes once again. Not only are we looking to raise funds for British Heart Foundation, but we are also looking to give back to our local community, which has been hit hard in several different areas during the announcement of the recent national lockdown.

“As we approach our third anniversary we were uncertain about how to come together as a team and celebrate the growth we have achieved as an agency. Committing to a positive campaign like the “A Month of Good Deeds” is a wonderful way to help support and give back to a community that has been so welcoming to us in the past”-Co-Founder and Operations Manager, Sebastian Horton.

As our agency embarks upon its third birthday, instead of a celebratory party, our team of 10 has decided to dedicate the first 30 days of our third year giving back to the community. We will be asking for donations to the ‘Month of Good Deeds” campaign to help support BHF and the agency will match every pound donated.

From November 6th onwards, the team will be committing to doing a good deed a day. This includes making donations to shelters, writing reviews for small businesses, giving blood, coaching senior citizens to communicate via zoom, and donating our time to help others who are struggling during these challenging times. All deeds will be undertaken in a responsible, socially distanced manner, in accordance with lockdown restrictions. The team is reaching out to the people and businesses of Worcestershire to ask for input on deeds and contributions to the campaign.

For more information on ways to donate please visit the Just Giving page.

Ecrubox Good Deeds