We are excited to announce that we have been selected as a High Growth Business of the Year finalist in the Hereford and Worcestershire Chamber Of Commerce Awards. The award is open to businesses of all sizes and recognises businesses that have experienced exceptional growth in sales, profit, market share, jobs, or international trade. Judges will be looking for an organisation that can demonstrate the highest levels of growth with a firm plan for sustainable financial performance.

The news comes at a pivotal time for small businesses in the UK, and the recognition is rightly deserved for those companies who have been able to thrive in such challenging times. By no means has the journey been easy for us, but it has been a time of seizing opportunities and seeing beyond restrictions wherever possible. As a result, we have scaled rapidly, and our growth has meant a significant increase in both clients and employees.

Our Co-founders, Heather and Sebastian Horton, stated that the aim from the start has been to hire experts into the team. This approach ensures each service is delivered at the highest possible quality level - also, with a direct to expert model, the team works directly with clients rather than account managers, so they have a considerable amount of accountability and responsibility for client delivery.

Company Culture Is Key

Outside Ecrubox Headquarters

The culture of the agency is also key. As a business, our team focuses on consistently nurturing and promoting from within, encouraging employees to take on additional responsibilities, and developing their abilities through cross-training/upskilling programmes both internally and via external courses, events and programmes.

In addition, our mission has been to serve as an extension to our clients' teams, finding that we consistently provide better results when we have a close alliance with our clients’ internal teams. We also align internally - ensuring that each digital service's strategy is part of a bigger overarching strategy for the brand - each service helping to reach joint targets. This approach has also fuelled a significant part of our growth, increasing services from existing clients and referrals.

As the digital landscape advances, an agency needs to continue growing sustainably, which is at the forefront of our company’s business plan. However, what steers our team to success in the new economy is not tech-savviness alone, but a set of skills that complement one another.

Heather Horton stated, "We are delighted to have been selected as a finalist for regional awards and want to take the opportunity to congratulate the other businesses who will be joining us at the Finals. To be recognised for our growth as a small business in 2021 is an honour, especially during what have been such unprecedented times.

We focus on filling unconventional roles that we believe are key to the agency's success. Our team is constantly learning and deeply involved within a fast-paced industry, helping us to remain highly competitive in the crowded digital agency marketplace”.

High Growth Business Of The Year Finalist

Co-Founders: Sebastian and Heather Horton