Overnight, everyone became hyper-aware of the importance of video. It was no longer a trend, but instead an essential form of content. Suddenly the threatening idea of video costing “too much” vanished and everyone realised that they could produce and publish content without the glitz of a studio. All that was needed in quarantine when making a video, was a phone.

THE GOOD NEWS: People now believe in the power of video
THE BAD NEWS: Everyone is doing it.

Video is the only type of content that allows people to see, hear and know us. This is why video makes a difference. It offers an opportunity for real, human connection; something that society is craving on a global scale.

How To Create Personalised Videos

@emilybrooksuk uses video to share her designs and her personal brand story

That's why video is such an important thing right now. Businesses need to adapt their content strategy and be focused on creating a virtual experience to provide an opportunity for consumers to get to know the names behind a brand.

Your Guide For Creating Personalised Videos.

How To Create Personalised Videos

Be specific with the type of audience you are targeting.

Don’t waste time. Be specific.

Before creating any video ask yourself these two questions:

What's going to improve our buyers’ confidence in us right now? What do they need to hear, what do they need to see? Use this time as R & D and get to know your customers. Interact with them on social and find out what they want to see more of.

  • Do they need “how-to” videos on products or services?
  • Are founder messages needed to build trust in the brand?
  • Can you share more about your company through videos on social stories?
  • Will customer’s appreciate being featured as highlight videos using your brand?
Look around you.

We need to stop acting like video is a new form of content. THINK and SEE beyond what we already know and use this time to push boundaries. Get creative, try out new things using video and remember no one is expecting perfection. This is the time to experiment and give your customers what they need in a virtual experience setting.

Don’t just use technology to help you do the same things differently. Use technology to do new things to add even more value.

Most brands are falling into the same category as “keeping business as usual” online. But it can’t be. It’s a completely different experience, so a video must be used to complement the shift in the selling process.

How To Create Personalised Videos

People are desiring connection, community and content. You can provide all of this with strategies such as live video chats, online meetings, virtual meetups and spotlights on industry leaders. It’s not just a case of reaching your customer in a new way, but it’s a case of telling your story in a way that resonates best with the needs of your customer.

Create content that lives well in the new phase of business post-Covid and not just during.