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The Story:

The Met Gala: Yes We are still talking about it.

The combination of A-list celebrities, niche themes and OTT outfits is like a match made in meme heaven giving the internet a solid dose of content to get creative with. But as marketers why should we care? Well, the event manages to encapsulate a number of key areas that successful campaign strategies need to include.

Starting with relevance; The gala is a fundraiser dedicated to New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute – formally named The Anna Wintour Costume Center, in homage to the American Vogue's editor-in-chief, who has been a chair member of the museum's gala since 1995. But a lot has happened since then. An event that is all about glitz and glamour in a post-pandemic world to be accepted is saying something about the partnerships, themes, collaborators, and invitees that they host at the prestigious event.

Exclusivity is also key. The event is accessible through digital channels but access is restricted through the eyes of celebrity guests only. Now let's bring this back to the marketing world- creating campaigns for ultimate visibility is the goal but limiting the true experience to a select number of "influencers" or "creators" who can bring their community to your own branded experience invites different perspectives and more appetite for the content that is shared. Increasing the effectiveness of the campaign.

What the Met Gala does every year invites people to honour their creativity and gives them the freedom to explore new ideas. Incorporating this opportunity for users and your own brand's community to be part of the conversation by offering their take on a topic, theme, or trending piece of news, opens up more doors for social interactivity, everything that social media is built on.

The Story:

Interactive Ad-ons with Tik Tok

Source: SOPA/ GETTY Images

So Instagram may have stolen the scene at the Met Gala as their official partner, but Tik Tok had some news to share this week. The social media giant has announced that they will launch ads on Top Videos, Offer Revenue Share for Creators

Creators with at least 100,000 followers will be able to participate in TikTok Pulse, the newly launched ad program allowing let marketers to buy ad spots on the top four percent of videos and enable select creators to receive a cut of the revenue.

Source: SOPA Images/ GETTY

Our Take:

Details are limited but the ad revenue share feature would be the first for TikTok, despite being the launching pad for several top creators and trends. Currently, creators can receive some payments from TikTok via the platform's $1 billion creator fund. Still, they have not received other opportunities to receive a cut from the ads run on users' For You pages.

But longer-term, the move could help TikTok to attract more creators to its social video app, following its earlier investments in creator monetization. Last December, TikTok launched an online "Creator Next" portal where it compiled all the tools creators can use to make money on its app in one place. Here, creators can learn how to accept virtual gifts and payments from fans viewing their videos and their TikTok LIVE content.

The future of brand relationships relies on them engaging with consumers at their most heightened level of interactivity. TikTok Pulse brings your brand with the hottest trends and the most relevant, highly engaged communities. Keeping a close eye on trends and consumer behaviour across Tiktok is certainly where our interest is at the moment.

And finally

NFT's. They Are Not Going Anywhere

Seriously, they are here to stay and are already impacted the world of e-commerce. This week we shared 4 examples of how NFTs impact the fashion industry, emphasising why our clients should care. From athleisure brands to high-powered fashion brands- NFTs provide an alternative to consuming fashion. Stay tuned next week when we give you the rundown of everything you need to know when it comes to NFTs.

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