At Ecrubox Digital, we believe that happiness at work should be on the list of top priorities for any business. Being happy at work simply means thoroughly enjoying what you do and loving where you work. It’s not only great for the employees, but it’s also extremely important for the survival and performance of any organisation, in many cases resulting in low levels of staff turnover.

This week (23rd September 2021) marks International Happiness at Work Week, a day we should all celebrate. When we are happy at work, we are also likely to be happier in all other aspects of our lives too, making it such an important topic that should be celebrated and spoken about.

At Ecrubox Digital, we aim to put employee engagement and happiness at the centre of what we do with help from The Happiness Index. Over the past few years, we have achieved a thriving culture and have never had to compromise between work and happiness. We are proud to be a partner of The Happiness Index which enables us to continue being a human-led organisation.

The Happiness Index provides real-time employee engagement technology that builds stronger workplace cultures by using data-driven insights to power employee strategies. The technology allows us to collect and analyse employee and client engagement feedback and receive immediate visibility into the key happiness drivers impacting the cultural health, employee engagement, client engagement and productivity of the business.

Through The Happiness Index, we can take a proactive approach towards workplace health and wellbeing, where any issues or challenges can be addressed and resolved. This means that employees and clients alike are more likely to be happy and motivated.

Work plays a crucial part in most people’s lives and not just in providing a source of income. It can give a sense of purpose and achievement and boost self-esteem. Not only that but we spend up to 40+ hours a week at work, therefore, knowing how to manage mental health is fundamental and a genuine wellbeing strategy will only work when the precedent is set from the top down – it has to be part of the work culture.

At Ecrubox Digital, it started with simple actions, such as making sure employees stick to healthy working hours and encouraging staff members to eat their lunch away from their desks, but the partnership with The Happiness Index is where these measures can continue making a difference.