Whatever a company’s vision for the future, it must include digital transformation in order to grow. Our Co-founder, Heather Horton shares her three essential steps to kickstart your digital transformation as a business, followed by her top tips on how to manage your employees as they adapt to change.

Kickstart your digital transformation as a business and team.

  • Support from the top down
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  • It will come as no surprise to hear that digital transformation cannot take place unless you have full support from the highest level of decision-makers. If you don’t get the buy-in from the C-suite, you may as well be innovating on a digital planet all by yourself. And let’s face it, it’s pretty lonely out there in digital space. So instead, do yourself a favour and identify your champions and advocates early on AND ensure they're in a position to get things done.
  • Be specific with your digital strategy.
  • Create a smart canvas that pinpoints your consumer segments, channels, key resources, partners and activities. Today your vision has to be clear, actionable and most importantly memorable.
  • Experts to Execute

Lean on a team of experts that can help you transform efficiently and successfully. You want skilled individuals who are able to help you deliver a digital strategy that is long-lasting, goal orientated and results-driven. Our team at Ecrubox has been formed to transfer knowledge, provide support and become a partner of your brand helping you achieve digital presence and be remembered for all of the right reasons.

How can you help employees adapt to change? Unleash Adaptability

People fear poorly managed change. No news there, but how you manage employees leading up to change is what matters and what will ultimately make or break the growth of your business. People react in two ways when faced with significant change: FIGHT or FLIGHT. Build your team with a growth mindset and ultimately they will approach change with a sense of commitment, engagement and confidence.

  • Commitment.

It’s important to enhance an employee’s sense of commitment by recognising achievements. You want to create a working environment that your team is proud of and happy working in. At Ecrubox, we recognise an employee each week and award them for their achievements and any advancements within the company. Recognition is crucial for an employee to receive when building a FLIGHT mindset

  • Engagement

Employees feel a sense of belonging to groups at work that value their contributions. Even as a digital-first agency we do not overlook the importance of in-person weekly stand-ups, monthly team outings and annual charity events that strengthen supportive relationships among employees who are facing similar challenges.

  • Confidence

As a forward-thinking agency, we choose to hire experts with years of experience to work directly with our clients rather than graduates and juniors. We have always remained patient and adamant that recruiting experts within their sector is the best approach for our agency. If we have the right team, business will flow naturally, resulting in confidence and an adaptable mindset when any changes arise as employees are confident in their roles and purpose at the company.

Listen closely to your consumers. They are asking for a richer, more interactive digital experience; Now is the time to start. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your digital transformation.

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