The summer between second and third year of university can be a daunting one. While most of your course mates have secured their placements for their sandwich year, the rest of them are thinking about their future prospects and what lies ahead of them.

For me, a year long placement was not on the cards, however this didn’t mean I had to miss out on the valuable experience a sandwich year has to offer. My answer to this was a summer internship at Ecrubox.

Before starting here, Ecrubox was a company that had come up on my radar that I aspired to work at. So, rather than waiting for an opportunity to arise, I approached them in the hope of a chance to gain some industry experience. To my delight, they offered me a position and, to a marketing student who was feeling the pressure of ‘the future’, I jumped at this opportunity.

To begin with, I felt very apprehensive about my first day in the office, with lots of ‘what ifs’ swirling round my head. However, after meeting the team and getting settled in, I was soon able to calm my nerves.

To find my feet, I began by researching the different clients that Ecrubox work with. By doing this, I was able to gain a slightly better understanding of what sort of things I was going to be working on.

It has been roughly a month since starting my internship, and having settled in a bit more, I have finally got into a good routine regarding my working days. I usually get into the office at 8am, this allows me to avoid nightmare rush-hour traffic. I check my tasks for the day and get started.

I have had lots of opportunities to create content, write copy and draft marketing emails across the agency and this has given me a great insight into the world of working as a social media marketing intern as well as helped me get used to using different software and tips and tricks to use them effectively.

Although studying as a marketing, advertising and branding student at university is great, it tends to lack real world experience and is very theory heavy. Therefore, gaining experience in these different fields at a digital marketing agency has been extremely valuable to the development of my career and what working life will look like in the future.

To gain a better understanding of the different fields of digital marketing, I had meetings with different members of staff to learn a bit more about what each of them do and get to know some remote members of the team. From this, I could decipher what areas of marketing I would like to learn more about and which ones didn’t appeal to me as much.

I am very grateful to the team at Ecrubox for helping me find my feet and encouraging me through this month. Now that I have gained some valuable experience of what it is like to work in a digital marketing company, I feel as though I now stand in a strong position when it comes to leaving university and applying for jobs in my field.

Evie Hardy, Intern