The future of social media is changing and it’s all thanks to the next generation. As digital marketers, we are always seeking out a perspective from a younger lens. What is capturing the attention of the youth? The “why” and “how” they communicate will eventually impact the innovations that lead us to the next trends.

So I challenge you right now to name an app, other than Tick Tock that can so effortlessly capture the hearts and nuances of Gen Z?

You can’t right?

The answer is and will continue to be Tik Tok.

It can speak Gen Z’s language – it doesn’t even have to try. It’s able to do this because its content taps into the relevance of popular culture and trends through music, memes, and relatable story-telling all wrapped up in short and snappy 15-second videos.

So why does your brand need to be on Tik Tok, if your target audience is not Gen Z? Here’s our lowdown starting with the download:

Tik Tok: An Opportunity For Branded Fun

There are tons of stats floating around about Tik Tok - but as an agency here’s what we think you really need to know:

  • The platform is video driven and the algorithm displays personalised video content - making it gold in our culture of content vultures with a ‘near to zero’ second attention span.
  • It also has a high engagement rate, even more so than Instagram and this is huge. In an online research project by Influencer Marketing Hub, Tik Tok had the highest follower engagement rates across 100,000 Influencer user profiles.
  • People AND Brands are sharing trends (even onto other channels), commenting on quick laughs and jumping on the bandwagon and getting involved in challenges and dances amongst other wild and wonderful things.
  • 84% of Tik Tok users have created their own video, it’s a platform of really active users, a far cry from the masses of inactive Facebook profiles.

With this in mind, how can brands actually use this platform?

Currently. brands are using Tik Tok in various ways…

Promoting office culture and spontaneous fun

Many brands are using Tik Tok to share light hearted, bitesize video content to promote their brand culture and share ‘office humour’. This is great for showing the personable side of your brand, shifting the focus to the people and away from direct promotion of your products and services.

Lulumon have recreated popular videos for relatable playfulness and fun with their yogi audience.

Recreating Trending Challenges

There are tons of challenges on Tik Tok, and trends come and go by the day. It’s up to you if you want to jump on any trends and recreate challenges, but make sure you jump on in time and stay relevant!

Even big boys like BMW jumped on the Methos challenge


This is ##icelebrate at its best! Thank you, @lilflygirl and @malcolm_ray! ##RacingBeyond

♬ Stand Together - Formula E

Inside Secrets & Extraordinary Moments

15 seconds of video isn’t much, but it’s enough to give a visual insight into something that could be valuable to your fans. Don't be afraid to experiment with little inside secrets of the processes of your working environment. sometimes less is more.

Starbucks simply created a TikTok of Barista making a Strawberry and cream frappe and it got 1.2 million views! So simple, yet effective.

Advertising with Tik Tok For Business

Aside from organic activity, you can also opt for advertising on the platform used by 800 million active users worldwide. There are different ad solutions including static and dynamic display ads and top view ads with up to 60 seconds of full-screen and long-form video as well as branded effects.

Even though it’s a relatively new platform, Tik Tok shouldn't be discounted as an option for your paid activity.

What you shouldn’t do on Tik Tok

Be serious. No really, we’re being serious here!

It’s video, but NOT Instagram stories, meaning your content should not replicate that of Instagram as it probably won’t perform as well. Instead, it should complement your other cross channel video efforts.

Tik Tok is not another news platform (thank god) it’s for escapism, relaxation and some questionable dancing.

If you’re undecided if Tik Tok is right for your business...

You can always give it a go. Create an account, see what your competitors are up to and don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera. To be a successful brand on Tik Tok, all you need is a smartphone, a bit of dutch courage and you’re already doing more than most.

Still need some more advice? Send us a message and we’d be happy to talk you through what platforms would work best for your business and your overall digital strategy.