And just like that, we turn three years old today. What a whirlwind of an adventure it's been.

Those of you who are already acquainted with the Ecrubox brand are fully aware that we thrive on staying busy; We build brands, create experiences, and navigate our clients through the exciting world of digital marketing. Trust us; in the current climate, the digital world is where all cool kids hang out.

We often get asked about our journey, how did a young start-up snowball and become global in such a short amount of time? The answer lies in the attributes of our team: dedicated, hardworking, results-driven, and all-round pretty badass individuals? We LOVE our clients, but without our AMAZING team, we wouldn’t have grown at the pace we have.

Even at the agency’s humble beginning using the spare room of a home, the passion and dedication to the clients of Ecrubox were undeniable. Our co-founders, husband and wife, Seb and Heather Horton set the foundations for Ecrubox today, with intense passion and consistency in the work they provided and have always remained detail-orientated and diligent when providing the best customer experience for our clients. This has now been passed on to every expert that signs on to become part of the Ecrubox family.

Here's The Story So Far.

So how did we go from a living room make-do office (when #WFH wasn't a thing) to penthouse style office ballin in Worcester? Well, in all honesty, there has been a lot of hard work involved.

After our co-founders came our next two Ecrubox pillars of strength; Lois Freail, Head of Social Media and PR, alongside our Head of SEM, Pawel Lorenc.

The four of them built up clients, not only in the UK, but also on a global scale, forming relationships with companies that we still service today. As the family grew, they made their way to a beautiful office space in the loft of a converted barn on the Cotswolds' outskirts.

We Just Turned 3!We Just Turned 3!We Just Turned 3!

Joining them was SEO Expert Niall Cullen, and Content Strategist Lucy Norris, who later became our Head of Content and Communications. Throughout the last year, we have been fortunate to welcome new faces, additional partners, and contractors who complete our working way and have helped us get the job done.

In the last 3 years, we have grown, shaken, stirred, and expanded in so many ways. Winning multiple awards, promoting staff, welcoming new employees and taking on challenges both on a professional and personal level. Our appetite for success means that we remain focused on growth and with that comes additional support from new faces.

So what's next?

Continued growth, a more in-depth understanding, and a commitment to the team that this agency is built upon. During a pandemic, moving forward has been one of the most demanding challenges any business has had to face. Still, because of our company culture, our clients' support, and community, we have not just survived but have flourished.

We look forward to the next three years of opportunity, success, and continued growth with the team that makes Ecrubox Digital the agency it is today.

Happy Birthday to us!