case study

the goal

comprehensive. long-lasting.

Varley was founded in 2015 by couple Lara and Ben Mead, with the former the brand’s Chief Creative Officer. The brand we know today began as a merging of their passions and affinity for the aesthetic, wardrobes and lifestyle of London and Los Angeles, between which they split their time. They created Varley to celebrate all modern women, providing her with a wardrobe of timeless contemporary pieces, designed for how she moves and lives.

Ecrubox partnered with Varley in 2019 on a mission to drive its ecommerce strategy and deliver digital growth to increase revenue and brand awareness.

Our initial services proved to deliver strong results and were the foundation of a long-lasting relationship with the Varley team and their marketing department.

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the method

ambitious. assertive. authentic.

Ecrubox works in ways other agencies can’t replicate. To achieve success with Varley we became a part of their day-to-day world – integrating with their team, their culture, and their wider agency mix. It’s as if we’re on the payroll, not just a retainer.

methodology approach

  • Build brand awareness via all digital channels
  • Optimise the end-to-end customer experience
  • Build loyalty and increase lifetime value

methodology delivery

  • Comprehensive digital marketing mix
  • UX/UI consulting and guidelines
  • Bespoke technical development
  • Shopify systems and tuning

“Ecrubox truly believed and wanted our brand to succeed from day one. The expertise they have brought to the table has been invaluable and the results speak for themselves. Their relationship approach makes them part of our team and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Ecrubox has the perfect agency format.”

Ben Mead

CEO of Varley

clear results

In just three years Varley has seen extreme growth through a laser-like strategy delivered by Ecrubox and the internal Varley team. The women’s clothing brand started with only two product lines and now has more than 20. It is now a multi-million-dollar business, reaching customers in the USA, UK and Europe, and is available in more than 1000 stores worldwide.

always extra

To understand the impact of our partnership we just need to look at the stats. In December 2019, as we began our strategy phase, there were a total of 47,830 users on the site. Ecrubox brought in 45,000 new users and the website generated $200,000 revenue. Overall, in two years our strategy has driven 3.1million users in total and has generated a total of $12.4million revenue for Varley.

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