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Five years, four babies and other awesomeness

It’s true to say it’s been a graceful blur. Every year gets faster, and faster. We are five and it is 2023.

In the midst of the grind and reward, it’s important we take moments to reflect. We have had a tremendous year, full of creativity, strategy, development and client success. Plus of course, changes, growth and challenge. Let’s take a look at our year in review, it’s been remarkable.

Quarter One:

Every month we focus not just on the results we bring to our clients but also our relationship and mutual understanding. In 2022, we created a new quarterly program called “Client Joy”. The clue is in the name. Throughout the year, clients received curated, personalised gift boxes filled with objects to spark conversation and add a little bit of joy to their days. We included personal gifts from the team, and sometimes even our other clients' products! Have you received one of our boxes yet?

In March, our Co-founders and Directors enjoyed a wonderful day with clients at the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Days like these have a special place in our hearts. There is nothing we love more than catching up with our clients outside of work, and simply getting to know them better. We will never be an “agency”, we are an extension to our client’s teams, and days like those at Cheltenham let us be who we are and celebrate each other on a very real level.

Ecrubox Digital

Quarter Two:

One of our most exciting quarters, ever. Ecrubox Digital became Ecrubox.

We grew, we developed, we rebranded. With growth comes necessary change, and that is what the first 6 months of 2022 was about. As the world in which we exist evolves, Ecrubox is as vital as ever. But we must be bold. We must continue to rebel.

In order to succeed, we need to be extraordinary. So meet Ecrubox, the Worcester agency, with tremendous potential.

Not only did we completely redesign our site, we redesigned some of our internal processes and our way of thinking. Our content team worked hard with our Head of Magic, Alex, and our Creative Director, Lucy, to understand how to strengthen our internal machine, for both Ecrubox and our clients. We also introduced personality test interviews for new starters to ensure they will thrive based on who they already are and what Ecrubox offers.

Quarter Three:

Not once but twice, we attended our favourite conference of the year, Brighton SEO, a marketing conference and series of training courses held in Brighton, with some of the best speakers in the world of search.

Our birthday. We turned five this year (five!) and in true Ecrubox style, we celebrated big. What a celebration we had. We travelled up to the brilliant city of Manchester to enjoy team activities at the Cube, drinks and food at the Firehouse, a hilarious karaoke bar, and enjoyed a lovely lie-in and breakfast at the Moxy hotel.

We danced, sang (badly at karaoke) and thoroughly enjoyed our time to reflect on what a journey these 5 years have been.

Most special of all perhaps, was flying in our more distant team members. To hug Jerry in person who usually works from his home in the Philippines was totally magic.

Ecrubox Digital

Ecrubox Digital

Ecrubox Digital

Quarter Four:

December brought the Drum Awards 2022, and not only were we nominated but we won highly commended for ‘Best Talent Development Initiative’ for our very own Ecrucademy. For those who don’t know, Ecrucademy is our weekly innovation session run by Alex. Each week we come together as a team and learn about a range of topics which will help us with our own client projects as well as develop our individual skillsets based on decades of experience. Through Ecrucademy we gain access to a whole world of thought and practice that we don't gain from our geography. It's a levelling up that we all enjoy.

Ecrubox Digital

Client wrap up:

Amongst the day to day magic completed by every member of our team, we welcomed NINE new fabulous clients. Helping each client in a unique way, whether through marketing communications or web development, or both. Our start-up and accelerator programme for ecommerce lifestyle brands continues to thrive.

New arrivals:

2022 was not only a huge year for Ecrubox, but a life-changing year for four of our lovely colleagues. Our Client Experience Director, Carrie and our Creative Director, Lucy, both welcomed beautiful baby girls into the world this year. Both have been soaking up the love on maternity and we have absolutely cherished watching them embrace motherhood.

As we move into 2023, we are saying a temporary goodbye to both our Senior Social and Content Executive, Jess and our Performance Marketing Executive, Rafia, as they embark on their maternity leave. We will miss them both, so much, but cannot wait to welcome them back when they're ready. An open door to life's journeys is so important for all of us as the universe of work and of working evolves and moves forward.

Amongst all that, we have reached 51 hours of internal academy groupwork, 150,000 slack messages and 1,120 hours of meetings and over 2100 cups of coffee. 2023, we’re ready. Only the extraordinary will thrive. Join us.

Mia, Social Media & Content Executive.