“Canva has become one of those brands that (like Zoom) have entered the fabric of our lives in a seamless way. It has over 75 million monthly active users and expects to generate over a billion dollars of revenue in 2022.” - Forbes

Canva is quite literally a marketers best friend and what we mean by this is that Canva is the perfect tool to use to design and create graphics for web, email, social media and even your presentations.

It’s immensely accessible and offers a huge range of features that can help elevate any start-up brand or multi-million pound business. Canva is a useful resource due to its accessibility to all marketers, its ease of use is simplistic and uncomplicated which is what makes it so successful.

For those marketers who may not necessarily enjoy graphic design, canva makes it so easy with its vast range of elements that can simply map out onto the page making it a breeze to use.

Katie, Social and Content Executive at Ecrubox, has put together her top tips below to give you all the insider info you may never have known.

Hack 1: If you have a lot of elements in your design and you want to move them around, hold down the left button on the mouse and create a box to highlight all your elements at once. From here, you can choose to ‘group’ all the elements together, or you can move them round.

Hack 2: Animate your graphics to make them more eye-catching! Canva allows you to animate every element you’re using on your design from text to shapes and even your own images. With recent social algorithm changes meaning short video content is prioritised, animating your designs is definitely the way to go.

Hack 3: Use ‘Position’ to select all elements and align them in a certain way. This makes the process of aligning all of your elements easier as you can choose to centre all elements or certain parts of the design all at once.

Hack 4: Brand Kits are an incredible element of canva, allowing you to tie together brand logos, colours and fonts making it super easy to create on brand content for your business.

Hack 5: Create your very own GIFs by creating multiple pages to your design and downloading your content as a GIF and share across social media and even add into your email campaigns.

Hack 6: Resize your designs to fit different placements. Create a design as an Instagram post, and click the Resize button to change your design size to fit different social networks, website or email design specifications.

Hack 7: Quick-add elements such as lines, rectangles and circles. Use the letters:

  • R - Rectangle
  • L - Line
  • C - Circle
  • T - Text box

Hack 8: Canva Templates. Now it has to be noted that using Canva Templates isn’t always a good idea as the whole world has access to these and you don’t want to be posting the same content as everyone else. However Canva templates are a great way to get inspiration for content allowing you to add your own creative spin and make them your own.

Hack 9: Canva allows you to now generate your own QR codes which you can integrate into your designs stress free, making it even easier for your customers to access your website.

Hack 10: Yep, we’ve saved the best for last… The background remover tool is arguably one of the best things about Canva.The launch of this function has been a complete game changer - allowing users to remove the background of an image, quicker (and often with better results!) than on Photoshop.Quickly edit your own images - or stock imagery, to ensure your designs look exactly how you want them to.

Learnt something new today? Amazing, that’s what we’re here for!

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