TikTok is preparing to launch a new tool for its ads platform, which will allow advertisers to find out more information on specific keywords that are performing well within their industry. Ultimately, this means that creators and marketers are able to create more meaningful content by having insights into what content within campaigns has been successful.

It really is as easy to enter the keyword within the search bar to then gather all relevant information regarding that keyword. This has come from TikTok becoming one of the main prowess’ of a user's search engine. Nearly 40% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 24 use TikTok and Instagram to access information. This can range from recipes, places to go, clothing, make-up… the list is endless. But these searches aren’t just found to come from the ‘Gen-Z’ era, the percentage of adults using TikTok as their Search Engine is rapidly increasing.

The key thing to note about this update is that Marketers can use the tool to explore “trending script keywords,” which may appear in voice-overs, text overlays, or ad captions. The Keyword Insights tool allows you to view a keyword’s performance in your selected timeframe, including how often the word or phrase has been used and the average CTR of TikTok ads using it.

This tool is incredibly useful for content teams within both agencies and brands, as they are able to look at other best-performing content within their industry to influence their keyword implementation. This also allows us to refine our copy & creatives and before putting big lump sums of money behind a campaign. Whether this is brand awareness, content views or conversions.

Obviously, there is no question that Google is still the absolute go-to for Search advertising and TikTok will struggle to compete with that, but this new optimisation from TikTok opens so many more doors for big and small businesses for a whole new audience.

Lara Tittensor, Performance Marketing Executive