They’ll Give Your Brand Better Visibility

Firstly, let’s get the main one out the way.

Visibility = Traffic = Sales

To give your brand the best possible chance of turning in a profit, you need visibility.

There are a huge number of nuanced steps that can get you this; email, social, paid adverts, etc can provide a huge boost to your visibility and traffic into your site.

However, long term the smartest investment that you can make early on is to get your site SEO-friendly and ranking for all terms related to your business, and not just appearing for these terms, but ranking high up on Google’s first page, the reason why this part is so important is summed up by the following;

“If your site isn’t ranking high up on the first page of Google it’s practically invisible to most customers. 94% don’t get past the first page”

To get to this point a few key points will need to be considered and determined;

  • Unique Selling Point (USP)
    - What the brand offers and to who.
  • Keyword Research
    - What related words and phrases users search that match the USP.
  • Competitor Analysis
    - Reviewing other brands to find where your brand is lacking.

These three things are second nature to an agency and are done on a daily basis and play neatly into the second point...

They’ll Help You Embrace A Data-Driven Approach

Agencies are results-driven businesses, everything they do needs to be analysed and quantified. The way this is done? Through key numbers, metrics, and data.

“Without data, it’s just an opinion.”

- W. Edwards Deming

Results and growth is an agency’s bread and butter, they exist to provide a service that delivers this.

Knowing how many people land on a certain page, or how difficult a certain keyword will be to optimise for is all part and parcel of SEO that wouldn’t be possible without a data-driven approach.

Top 5 Reasons why choosing an agency will help your SEO

Along with regular monthly and quarterly updates to give you key insights that break down how your site is performing, you’ll have no choice but to embrace a likewise data-driven approach.

They’ll Help You Become An Authority In Your Field

We’ve touched on traffic and the importance of ranking highly in the first point. However, there is a next step to this, that’ll yield even more visibility - boosting your Domain Authority.

Domain Authority or Domain Rating is an algorithmic metric that gives all websites a number between 1-100, one for the best and 100 for the lowest possible rating. This rating depends on over 40 different factors that largely relate to the amount and the quality of links to your website.

Therefore a brand new website will have a Domain Rating of 100, whereas an established news and informational website will likely be 1-10.

Top 5 Reasons why choosing an agency will help your SEOTop 5 Reasons why choosing an agency will help your SEO

Boosting your Domain Authority can be hard, however, once Google sees you as an authority then ranking for strongly related keywords becomes a much easier process.

There are a few key elements that an agency can help you with on the path to boosting your Domain Rating, these are;

  • Checking the backlinks of your site and disavowing any with a high toxicity rating.
  • Finding ‘Nofollow’ links to your site and following the publisher and asking if they can be changed to ‘Follow’
  • Analysing competitor’s backlinks to find any opportunities for similar links to your site.

Getting your Domain Authority number up is no easy task and should be viewed as a long game, but the easiest most simple way to get people to link to your website is to create compelling organic content that people are going to want to link to, as simple as that!

They’re Experts - Let Them Do It For You!

There’s a reason we call them experts.

Whether it is a mechanic working on your car or a barber cutting your hair, in all facets of life we want somebody that knows what they’re doing. Why wouldn’t you do the same with SEO?

Onboarding your SEO with an agency can provide you an opportunity to utilise years and sometimes decades of experience that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. The cost of bringing this amount of experience in-house to your business is often unthinkable for most brands.

Along with this experience and knowledge comes access to handy SEO tools like SEMRush and ahrefs which can also set back a company a sizeable amount each year.

From the get-go an agencies SEO team will set out auditing your site and advising on topics such as the following;

  • Site Structure and Navigation
    To aid the flow of your site and help crawlers, Google bots and customers access your most important and key pages.
  • Keyword Research

To find and identify what keywords and phrases should be used in copy and meta-data, in order for you to rank highly for those searched terms.

  • On-page SEO

Writing keyword-rich on-page copy that will engage customers and get search engine to associate that page with those keywords.

  • Technical SEO

Implementing a clean linking structure and redirects if necessary. Ensuring header tags and metadata is relevant, along with checking and improving site speed.

  • Content Creation

Coming up with content creation ideas in order to rank highly and gain backlinks.

  • Competitor Research

Regular competitor research to identify and optimise for keyword and backlink gaps that have been missed.

  • Link Building

Closely linked with content creation, enticing other websites with high domain authority link to you and content you’ve created.

The SEO world has frequent updates and changes to processes, these can be customer based trends or algorithm changes, both can have a big impact on your business.

Some people may be able to understand the above list, some may even have a decent amount of knowledge, however to an agency based SEO team, this whole list and process is all second nature.

This brings me to the last point...

They’ll Save You Time and Time = Money

The last and final reason for how an agency can be a help to your SEO is time.

It takes a lot of time to read, learn and understand SEO, before even putting it into practice. Weighing up whether you have the time to do this, or the money to pay for someone to do this can be tough.

Top 5 Reasons why choosing an agency will help your SEO

Efficiency also plays a huge role in this decision, you may be able to read and learn about SEO and you might even understand a proportion of it, but do you have the patience and time to put it into practice and do keyword research, write meta-data and compelling content, while checking your backlink profile and staying on top of ever-changing Google algorithms? The answer is probably no.

However, that agency with that team of people who do these things daily and know about Google’s new algorithms 6 months in advance, do.

Lastly, handing over a hugely technical aspect of your business (to an expert nonetheless) can give you one less thing to focus on and let you use your precious time for your business more efficiently.