Content is the hub of marketing. Organic assets, paid assets, emails, website copy, the list is endless. Without the content team, what would you put out into the world?

With the over-crowded online space, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get our voices heard, and with this difficulty increasing, the hours in the working day only seem to get shorter. So we have compiled the 6 content platforms we use that have helped level up our content. From copywriting, to visual assets, to general inspo, we’ve got you.

Copy creation:


Even if you consider yourself a spelling or grammatical expert, when you are in the middle of churning out a big load of content, it can be challenging to spot your own mistakes. This is where Grammarly comes in handy. It’s a Chrome plug-in that picks up on your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Gone are the days of wishing you’d never sent the email to 50,000 people with that one mistake!


Controversial, we know, but hear us out: no one should EVER use ChatGPT for their copy. It sounds like a robot, it has no personality, and it will never capture the brand voice. However, even the best copywriters will occasionally get writer’s block. You’re constantly churning out content, and knowing how to differentiate to be heard can be hard. So provide ChatGPT with some (detailed) context and suddenly you have 10 new headlines or sentence starters. You might hate them all, we usually do, but it will definitely open new pathways to thinking.

Visual Creation:


Canva is one of the holy grails for any content creator. From beginner to advanced, its easy-to-use interface means almost any content creator can use it. With hundreds of design templates to draw inspo from, you can never be short of ideas. Inspo was key in the last sentence. With so many templates, it can be easy to allow your feed to start looking messy, off-brand, or unoriginal. Try to adapt any template to make it your own, and use your branding, colours and fonts.

There is a huge amount of stock imagery on Canva free for anyone to use (although more available on Canva Pro), as well as videos, fonts & elements. You can check out our favourite Canva hacks here.


Figma is a great platform for any kind of UX, but also for scoping out emails. With the ability to edit content collaboratively in real time, you can be sure to get the best out of your email marketing. With the canvas view, it is easy to see all content scoped out in a way your team sees best. We like to zoom out to see all emails we have designed by month, or by year. It’s super easy to navigate, and they have incredible tutorials on their Instagram for those wanting to get started.


The title says it all. Really good emails is full of really good emails. It features a collection of visually appealing and well-crafted email templates, campaigns, and newsletters from various companies and industries. You can filter by behavioural, enhancement, industry, promotional and so much more. Perfect for the days when you just don’t know what to design.


A social platform, for social inspiration? You heard it. Think about it, you're buying a new kitchen? Pinterest. You don’t know how to style your new jacket? Pinterest. Oh and you don’t know where to start when designing creatives for your latest sale? Pinterest! It is an entirely visual social network meaning it’s super easy for us as designers to collect and organise inspiration. It really does save those hours staring into space!

If you have any platforms you couldn’t be without, we’d love to hear from you! Check us out on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok or Facebook!

Mia Coombs, Social Media and Content Executive